Have you ever used Airbnb? It is a great idea when travelling on a budget and a good way to experience a destination just like a local. It does however have some major drawbacks when compared to traditional accommodations such as the humble serviced apartment. Here are our reasons why we would always choose a serviced apartment over an Airbnb:

Safety and Security

Your safety and security are paramount at all times when you stay in PREMIER SUITES all around the world. When a property signs up to Airbnb they are not required to comply with any safety standards. They don’t need to have fire escapes or even fire extinguishers. If the worst should happen, you are more important to us than any material or property. That’s why we have the very highest standards in safety equipment and procedures and are fire safety tested regularly.


We all know how standards of cleanliness can vary from one person to another. What one person considers clean may be very dirty to someone else. Airbnb hosts are not required to have their properties professionally cleaned when a guest leaves. There are no guidelines to say when and how the room should be cleaned which could mean they may not even fully change the bedcovers!

Put this in comparison to our professional team of highly-trained housekeeping staff in PREMIER SUITES Liverpool. Each room is thoroughly cleaned after every single guest and inspected by a member of management before it is re-let. When you stay with PREMIER SUITES, no matter the location, you are always guaranteed the exact same standards of safety, cleanliness and décor.


Airbnb locations are usually let for a couple of nights at a time when it suits the host to have people stay. They usually do not cater for longer term stays, do not allow animals and don’t have any cancellation policies. Luckily we love giving our guests the flexibility to come and go as they please.

If you change your mind and want to cancel your stay we have fair cancellation policies in place. We love our long-term and return guests who have become more like our friends than our customers. We even allow animals for our long-term guests to add to our home away from home feeling.

Location and Price

One of the good things about Airbnb is the variety of locations that are available. You could be looking for a room in the centre of the city or a cabin in the woods. When you are looking for an affordable property, you will most likely have to travel away from the city to find one suitable for your budget. You also have to factor in the hidden service charges and cleaning fees that are not visible until you book your stay.

PREMIER SUITES Manchester is right in the centre of the action. We are easily reachable from all main roads, Victoria Station is 5 minutes away and we are surrounded by a huge variety of shops and restaurants. We also pride ourselves on our clear-pricing system. When you book our great value rates and special offers, you pay exactly what you see.

To book your stay in PREMIER SUITES Manchester, contact our friendly reservations team to book directly via web or by phone for the best available rates.

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