Art and culture go hand in hand. They’re both an expression of how we view the world and the delights, emotions and pressures we feel from external forces. When paired and refined, art & culture make a very exciting city to visit! Here in Manchester, our heritage and cultural identity is so important to us and this is outwardly displayed in the most cultural and artistic area in the city, Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Here are the highlights that we recommend you take the time to enjoy on your trip.

Manchester Craft & Design Centre 

Following the closure of the iconic Fish Market in the 1970s, Manchester was left with a blank space which the council decided to fill with culture and design. Within ten years, it was reopened as Manchester Craft Village, planting a seed for what we now know as the Northern Quarter. Renamed as the Manchester Craft & Design Centre, it is now a haven for creators and makers across all disciplines with independent artists, designers and makers creating contemporary jewellery, ceramics, stationery, wall art and so much more. The items sold are made in front of your eyes and are 100% authentic and unique to Manchester culture.

Affleck’s Palace 

One of the most iconic and colourful areas in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and an integral part of Manchester’s culture scene is Affleck’s Palace. Describing themselves as ‘an emporium of eclecticism’, this indoor market has been open since the early 80s as has cemented itself as one of the most unique shopping experiences in the city.  Dozens of independent stalls, small shops and boutiques operate here and offer all manner of clothing, nick-nacks, accessories and so much more. It’s a jewel in the crown of the Northern Quarter and a haven for those looking for something independently produced and eclectic to take home. 

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Manchester’s Chinatown has long been a hub for the city’s Chinese community, long before we even thought of the Northern Quarter. The Chinese View Art Association was founded in 1986 in order to broaden our perceptions of Chinese culture. In 1996, there was a shift in focus and the centre wanted to focus on more contemporary Chinese art veering away from the previous traditional style, prompting a move to the eclectic Northern Quarter. Today the CFCCA has two galleries, a shop, archive, library, event space and a studio and living space for their artists-in-residence. The gallery still values its connection with China and has developed and adapted alongside their homeland.

Manchester street art 

What was once the centre of the cotton industry, Manchester’s Northern Quarter is now the hipster heaven of the city. A good measure of how cool has place has become is the volume of colourful street art to be found. Street art, graffiti and wall murals are a great way to reach a large audience with little cost & Cities of Hope street art festival wanted to make this dream a reality for local artists. A wander around the Northern Quarter means you’ll see some of the most spectacular street art in the city, from famous faces in mural form to political and cultural observations portrayed on walls and hoarding. Enjoying the Northern Quarter is one of the most culturally fulfilling afternoons you could spend in Manchester.

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