When travelling for business or leisure, some trips can be longer than others. While you’re gone, you need to make sure everything at home is taken care of. You could arrange for a neighbour to water your plants and take in your post but what about your furry friend? If you are travelling for more than 28 days, you no longer have to leave them behind.


  • You could ask a neighbour to feed your pet while you’re away. An extended time away from this could leave your pet very lonely and worried. Seeing someone only once or twice a day is no fun when you are used to constant care and attention.
  • You could house your pet in a kennel or cattery but this can lead to all sorts of behavioural problems over such a long period, no matter how well reputed the facility is. There is also the issue of the dreaded kennel cough!
  • There are websites advertising cat sitters and dog walkers that come to your house and mind your pet for a set number of hours a day. Would you trust a stranger in your house? This can also be quite costly.


  • We at PREMIER SUITES understand how important family is and your pet is no exception! You wouldn’t travel for that long without your children so why leave Fido in the doghouse. Travel as a unit and keep the family together.
  • Being separated from your pet can cause a lot of stress and worry for owners. The same can be said for the animal being left at home alone without the constant care and attention they are used to. Save yourself the heartache by travelling together.
  • This service is not only offered to dogs. If you can safely transport your pet, we can accommodate them. This goes for fluffy, feathered and scaly pets as well as the usual four-legged friend. Ensure your pet is well house-trained before the trip.
  • When separated for a long period of time the animal, especially cats and dogs, often act-out out of boredom or to try to attract attention. This bad behaviour can be anything from destroying furniture to aggression towards people.
  • At PREMIER SUITES Manchester we love taking care of your pets. We offer a huge amount of space so you can both live comfortably together. We can arrange an array of pet toys and food along with your weekly shop if you give us notice.

Dog walking in Manchester

There is a beautiful public park just five minutes from us if you and your dog want to get some exercise. There are plenty of wide green spaces to play fetch and 7.4 acres for you to explore. 10-minutes’ drive from us is the lovely Clayton Vale with the River Medlock flowing through. Perfect for your dog to get in their daily swim.

If you are travelling for 28 days or more and want to bring your pet, contact us via email or phone to talk through your options. We look forward to welcoming you both!

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