Save time and have Tesco deliver your grocery shopping to your apartment. Order online from Tesco and we will ensure your delivery is taken to your apartment and any perishable items are correctly stored in the fridge/freezer.

Delivery On Day of Arrival

Please arrange for the delivery after 3pm on your day of arrival and advise our reception team of the approximate time. We will unpack and store chilled and frozen items in your apartment. Any bulk items (eg cases of wine) will be held in our office for you to collect.

Delivery During Your Stay

If you are unable to schedule the delivery for a time you will be in your apartment, we will accept the delivery during reception hours. Please advise our reception team of the approximate time.

Important Information

Deliveries are accepted "as is" and we cannot accept responsibility for any missing/damaged items.


All delivers should be addressed to:


64 Shudehill


M4 4AA

Email Address

We recommend you use your main email address so you don't miss any information that Tesco may need to send you.


You should use the following address here:

Your Apt Number (if know), PREMIER SUITES Manchester

M4 4AA

Contact Numbers

For your daytime / evening contact phone number you should enter your mobile number.

Delivery Times

If you would like us to accept delivery on your behalf our reception hours are:

  • 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 10am until 2pm Saturdays
  • 11am until 2pm Sundays and Bank holidays

Deliveries must be made within these times and 30 minutes prior to closing. Hours are subject to change. 

You will need a Tesco online account. If you do not already have an account click here to create a new one.